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Feb 20

Changing TimeZone in Linux System

  In a linux system timezones are defined under the directory “/usr/share/zoneinfo/”. [email protected]:~# cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/ [email protected]:/usr/share/zoneinfo# ls Africa Asia Canada Cuba EST Factory GMT0 Hongkong Iran Japan localtime MST7MDT Pacific posixrules ROC Turkey UTC zone.tab America Atlantic CET EET EST5EDT GB GMT-0 HST iso3166.tab Kwajalein MET Navajo Poland PRC ROK UCT WET Zulu Antarctica Australia …

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Jan 04

Searching a file in linux

To search a file, we can use one of the following utility : which locate find     Using “which” command : We can use “which” command to find and get absolute path of files that are present in directories listed in PATH variable. We generally use “which” command to get absolute path of commands …

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