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Telnet is a network protocol that allows remote login over a network.It supports cross platform, that is a client sitting on a windows machine can access a telnet server configured on a linux machine.

It works on port number 23

In telnet data is transmitted in clear text over a network, that is it can be  viewed by a third party over the network, however we can configure telnet to encrypt data before transmitting.


Telnet in RedHat and other rpm based Operating systems:


1. Install software

For Telnet Server we use “telnet-server” program.

Remember root access is required to install any package. We can switch to root account using following command in linux terminal

$su – root

We can install telnet using yum or rpm

(i)   yum :

One can use yum to install directly from network

$yum install telnet-server


(ii)  rpm :

If  “telnet-server” package is  available in local filesystem then we can install it directly from local system using rpm command.


$rpm -ivh telnet-server



Configuration file for telnet is /etc/xinetd.d/telnet

Telnet service is disabled by default in its configuration file. We first have to enable it, by changing value of

disable = yes


disable = no




3. Start Service

Telnet service is managed by xinetd  so we have  to restart this service

$service xinetd start



In case any change is done in the configuration file, it will not be reflected immediately. So to update the change made, we have to restart the service

$service xinetd restart


Telnet Client

A client can access telnet server using command

$telnet SERVER_IP






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