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Update data to S3 with snappy compression in parquet format

What am I comressing

I am comressing a file which contains JSON data in each line. So, data looks like

{"key1": "some-value-1", "Key2": .......}
{"key1": "some-value-2", "Key2": .......}
{"key1": "some-value-3", "Key2": .......}

Why to I have a separate JSON in each line

In order for athena to read S3 data in JSON format, each JSON-encoded record should be represented on a separate line.

Ref -

This might not be relevant as we are finally uploading data to S3 as CSV. So, chose any other option if you want.

Compressing data


  • Create a CSV file
  • Read data from file which contains json data and put in the CSV file
  • Create a pandas dataframe from csv data
  • Compress dataframe to snappy format

Create csv file from initial file with json data

Suppose our initial file is test_file

file_name = "test_file"

So we will

  • Create a CSV file test_file.csv
  • Read data from file which contains json data and put it in the CSV file
import pandas
import csv
import json

# Open a new CSV file
with open(file_name + '.csv', mode='w') as csv_file:

    # This represents column's which will be visible in athena
    # We should have json data with this key in our file

    fieldnames = [

    # Dictionary Writer
    writer = csv.DictWriter(csv_file, fieldnames=fieldnames)
    # Ref -

    # Write CSV Header
    # Ref -

    # Read data from initial file - which contains JSON in each line
    with open(file_name, 'r') as file:
        for line in file:
            # Write data to CSV file

Compress to snappy format

 # Create DataFrame from CSV File
df = pandas.read_csv(file_name + '.csv', header = 0)

# Convert data to Parquet format, with Snappy compression
# Here index represents partition
# It creates file "{file_name}.snappy" with parquet format
df.to_parquet(file_name + '.snappy', compression='snappy', index='s3-partition-key')

Upload data to S3

comressed_file = file_name + '.snappy'
    Key='s3-partition-key=' + date_or_something + '/' + compressed_file


We can provide additional parameters file uploading file like :

  • Object ACL
  • Additional object tagging
    ExtraArgs={'ACL': 'bucket-owner-full-control', 'Tagging': f'submitted_by=noname'}
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