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Unknown OS type hvm

  • After fresh installation of Virtual Machine Manager, when I created a new VM it displayed this error unknown os type.


  • This was because all qemu packages were not installed. So I installed all qemu packages.

    yum install qemu*
    zypper install qemu*
  • It should have installed all the packages, but somehow it didn’t installed qemu-kvm, due to which it displayed this error while creating new VM.

    Cannot check QEMU binary /usr/bin/qemu-kvm: No such file or directory

  • It was all because qemu-kvm was not installed.

Install qemu-kvm

  • Start yast.
  • Choose Virtualization -> Install Hypervisor and Tools.
  • Select KVM and confirm with Accept.
  • Confirm to the list of packages that is to be installed with Install.
  • Agree to set up a network bridge by clicking Yes.


    • It is recommended to use a bridge on a VM Host Server (virtual machine host).
    • If you prefer to manually configure a different network setup, you can safely skip this step by clicking No.
  • After the setup has been finished, reboot the machine as YaST suggests. Alternatively, load the required kernel modules manually and start libvirtd to avoid a reboot.

    • Enable kvm module

      modprobe kvm-intel                                    // on Intel machines only
      modprobe kvm-amd                                    // on AMD machines only
    • Enable vhost-net module

      modprobe vhost-net
    • Restart rclibvirtd.

      rclibvirtd start
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