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  • Telnet is a network protocol that allows remote login over a network. It supports cross-platform, that is a client sitting on a windows machine can access a telnet server configured on a Linux machine.
  • It runs on port number 23.
  • In telnet data is transmitted in clear text over a network, that is it can be viewed by a third party over the network, however, we can configure telnet to encrypt data before transmitting.


yum install telnet-server
  • If telnet-server package is available in local filesystem then we can install it directly from local system using rpm command.

    $rpm -ivh telnet-server


  • Configuration file for telnet is /etc/xinetd.d/telnet.
  • Telnet service is disabled by default in its configuration file. We have to manually enable it by changing disabled to no.

    That is, change

    disable = yes


    disable = no


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